Dress Code

There is a dress code to be adhered to at all rallies and activities in the club. The pony should be clean and tidy. All tack should be well fitting, clean and in good repair. The rider should wear plain coloured jodhpurs, West Waterford Pony Club sweatshirts or cross country jersey, white shirt and Pony Club tie with Pony Club badge. Hats must be approved for show jumping or cross country as per tack sheets below.

For jumping, back protectors must be worn (see tack sheets below).

The Irish Pony Club tack sheets outline what is required for each discipline for both horse and rider, you should be familiar with the requirements. A tack sheet for each discipline/activity can be found on the Irish Pony Club website under the Activities tab.


All ponies need to have a passport and be vaccinated regularly. If they have not been vaccinated before they need to have two primary vaccinations 3-13 weeks apart, one further vaccination 5-7 months after that and thereafter once per year. The vaccinations need to be in the pony passport and stamped by your vet.

The minimum acceptable is the two primary injections, which must have been given not less than 3 weeks and not more than 13 weeks apart. The third injection should follow not less than 5 months (150 days) and no more than 7 months (215 days) after the second injection. Thereafter booster injections must be administered at intervals of not more than one year apart. If your horse’s vaccination record does not fulfil the above requirements he cannot be admitted to the stable yard. Loose vaccination certificates are not acceptable.
Exception –Horses and ponies over 10yrs whose vaccination did not adhere to the above are exempt only if they have had annual vaccination.

Registration of Premise

Each premise where horses are stabled has to have an Equine Herd Number. Further information is on the Irish Pony Club website if you need to apply for a new number.