WWPC Camp 2020

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Summer camp takes place from 6th to 10th July 2020, at Fortwilliam Estate, Glencairn, by kind permission of the Evans-Bevan Family. The cost of the camp is €160 for first child and €150 for siblings. Please download camp form here wwpc-camp-booking-form-2020. The objective of the camp is that every child gains lots of knowledge regarding pony and riding skills.   Camp qualification – In order to qualify for camp you must have participated in at least three paid rallies and a free tack rally. Members who have done two tack rallies in the previous years will be exempt from the tack cleaning but will be expected to do three paid rallies.   Fort William Estate in Glencairn, (approx. 4 miles from Tallow, look out for signpost from the top of Tallow Hill, or if coming from Lismore direction, look out for signpost at Hornibrook’s garage.  Please book in before 19th June 2020 https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/wwpc


What happens at the Camp?   During the week the children will be allocated one instructor. They will receive training in stable management, show jumping, dressage and cross country, depending on the ability of the child and pony. The camp is a residential camp for the ponies but not for the children. Ponies arrives between 6.30pm – 8pm on Sunday evening. Each pony will be allocated a stable so check with a committee member when you arrive. It is essential to get your pony settled in and your various bits and pieces unloaded as quickly as possible in order to avoid chaos.

Days of the Camp   Children are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before the official Camp start time of 9am and finishes at 4.00pm each day. Each member must be ready to ride out by 9.30am daily. Children will be put into groups to suit their ability and age. Light refreshments are taken to the children around 11am and normally mid afternoon each day.. Children dismount for lunch (children take their own healthy lunch), take a break and play for about an hour before camp resumes at 1pm and finishes at 4pm, Children normally tend to their ponies i.e., skip out stables and leave out feed, hay and at least 2 buckets of water (if weather hot) for the night and morning feed. Children are to be collected at 4.30pm daily.

Note: Members up to the age of eight may be collected at 3.00pm if required but parents please let the group instructor know if this is the case.   Senior Riders – please be helpful to younger members, lots of whom are new to camp.

Last Day of Camp – Nobody is to leave Fort William, without making sure that his or her stable is clean, all the bedding removed and the barn area left as they found it on arrival.   Please check out with the DC.

Parents   Every parent is expected if possible to help for at least one half day at camp and also with setting up and taking down the stabling, show jumps and cross-country jumps before and after the camp. Setting up will take place at 6pm on the Friday, and take down on the last day of Camp.

Note that if your pony damages one of the gates used to construct the temporary stabling during camp week you will have to pay for the gate since they are kindly given to us on loan and we must replace damaged gates.   Please remind your son/daughter that conduct is to be at the highest level at all times and to show courtesy to each other, to instructors, parents, and committee members – no bad language, name-calling or similar. Please consult with the DC and make us aware of any health problems your child may have. For health and safety reasons, the Farm Manager has specifically requested that nobody is to be anywhere near the silage pit – if anyone is found in this area, they will be sent home.

Children are not allowed carry or use Mobile phones while mounted.   If you have any problems, be sure to talk to the DC or any of the committee members who will be at camp every day. Fort William has been very kindly put at our disposal by the Evans-Bevan Family, so we must ensure that we leave this beautiful old place exactly as we find it!   On Wednesday, afternoon we usually have a barbecue at camp.. There is no need to bring food (or money) for the barbecue. On Friday evening it is imperative that parents are available to take down stabling and courses before they leave.   Prize giving presentation will take place on Friday afternoon, parents and family members may like to attend. We would hope that each family would bring sandwiches or cakes for this occasion.

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